Human Resource Management

HR Software A complete range of HR solutions, all integrated to meet your HR management requirements. Has an Interactive system,Automatic maintenance ,Multi-user and Multi-company , departments, employee History , Customized Report and much more.

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Ticketing System

Leave Management Software A system that manages and maintains lists of issues your organization might want to keep track off . This system lets you keep record of all your clients' issues that they might encounter and provides a very good interface on their attributes.
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Saccos Management System

The system has been developed to addresses all the major functional areas of modern multi-specialty SACCOs and Micro-Finance Institutions. It enables better members, loans, shares, deposits, withdrawals, standing orders, salaries, dividends, produce proceeds, accounts and general office administration, efficiency and reduced costs.
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Payroll Software(PayTan)

Payroll Software A payroll software designed for enterprises with simple to complex payroll needs.Supports Multiple companies,Multiple currencies,unlimited number of employees,Exports to Excel,Calculates staff allowances,Cash payment and much more.

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Asset Management Software

                        Managements A software that helps you manage and optimize your organization's assets . Keeps track of inventory and helps you organize them better.
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Voice over IP (VOIP)

Voice over IP Voice over IP is an emerging technology based on open standards of IEEE, fundamentally the Internet Protocol, that allows voice data to travel across the Internet. There are many method to used this technology, the most common and well known are SIP, and H.323. We can set you up with very cheap calls with VOIP , Both Internation and local calls .

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Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS This is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System that can be made to fit to various services such as an SMS gateway, personal messaging systems, corporate and group communication tools.It's an interactive system that lets you send messages to a group or individual with ease.
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School Management Systems

We have a number of School Managemnt Sotware which enable school administration and teachers to manage their school. It also enable student to view their examination and asigment results. Parent can also login to the system and view their student course results.
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Health Management Software

We have a number of open source healthcare and hospital management system which are easy to use for medical records system. When you select any of the following tabs you will be prompted to login. It enable Patient's Administration by Search, new, delete, edit, Social Data, Clinic History and Problem Reports.

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